In a musical world dominated by American Idol, Bobby Syvarth is an American Artist who has travelled the country and the world performing and inspiring others with music.


Born in blue collar Brooklyn, raised in the northwestern hills of New Jersey, and schooled on the road of life, Bobby is an accomplished and worldly musician. He is a songwriter, recording artist and producer who has put his talents to good use for many charitable causes.


As a guitarist, Bobby has worked with multi-platinum Grammy award winning Latin artist Marc Anthony, in New York City at the United Nations Gala Awards Dinner Honoring Unsung Heroes of Poverty Eradication in a very special “unplugged” performance which also featured Roberta Flack and Anoushka Shankar.  The event was part of the United Nations International Year of Microcredit, and was hosted by Academy Award winner Tim Robbins.


Bobby also worked with The United Nations as a Pioneer Artist in the Global Alliance of Artists Against Poverty (GA3P). The project included a benefit CD released in April 2012, as well as a benefit concert in NYC.  The GA3P mission is to facilitate a platform for mobilizing artists and development practitioners to educate, advocate, inspire and raise much needed funds for innovative projects to alleviate poverty and mitigate climate change, all in furtherance of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, and the larger Sustainable Development Agenda.  


In 2011, Bobby’s creative muse called him to the musically rich Caribbean.  In March, 2011 Bobby travelled to Jamaica to team up with Kingston based Reggae artist Al Pancho to record his Reggae flavored  single FAMILY AND FRIENDS.  Rhythm tracks were recorded in Kingston and then the crew moved over to Negril for a week to record, explore and be immersed in music both day and night.  The tracks were brought home to New York City and completed by Karl Wenninger and Mike Barnes at DMA Studios on 23rd street in Manhattan.  


In the autumn of 2011 Bobby returned to the Caribbean, this time to the French West Indies for a 30 day residency at Le Bete a Z’ailes in Gustavia, Saint Barthelemy.  At the end of the run Bobby and his group teamed up with French film director Phillippe Ballestrazzi for two beautifully done live videos of Bobby’s song’s FIRE IN BROOKLYN and MONEY THIS THAT.  The project was produced by Jean-marc Lefranc and captured the true beauty of an American Artist on foreign soil that no episode of American Idol could ever touch!


In 2007 Bobby signed with the newly formed Los Angeles based indie label  Unison Music and relocated to West Hollywood to emerge himself in the L.A. music scene.  Bobby became a regular performer at  well known Hollywood venues such as Piano Bar and The Hotel Cafe.  

The 2009 Unison Music release HELLOS AND GOODBYES firmly established Bobby in the L.A.  music scene.  Produced by the Grammy nominated team of Bruce Witkin and Ryan Dorn, the HELLOS AND GOODBYES project gave Bobby the important elements of both the production team and the budget to take his recorded music to a higher level.  The album brought Bobby to the attention of film director Ash Adams, and Bobby was brought on to compose original music for the award winning short film PETER’S HOPE.  


While working on the Unison Music release, Bobby teamed up with his long time friend and associate Derek Drymon at Cartoon Network to compose original music for the CARTOONSTITUTE  short, Stockboys of The Apocalypse.  THE CARTOONSTITUTE  was created to establish a creative think tank and environment in which animators could create characters, stories and projects.  A section of Cartoon Network Studios in Burbank, CA was set aside exclusively for the project.


The Hellos and Goodbyes tour brought Bobby to Europe with 2010 performances in Zermatt, Switzerland and Paris, France at the European Independent Film Festival (ECU), including a late night floating show on The River Seine.  In partnership with Access Film Music, Bobby did  Official Artist Showcases at both the 2009 and 2010 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah as well as a New York City showcase for the TriBeCa Film Festival in 2010.


Bobby Syvarth is now an independent artist, having ended his 4 year partnership with Unison Music, and making the move back to his east coast, New York CIty roots.  In 2012 Bobby once again returned to the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah for several showcase performances.  In February 2012 Bobby teamed up with another Jamaican Reggae artist, I-Octane, this time in New York City, to record an MTV Iggy unplugged set to promote I-Octane’s CRYING TO THE NATION album release.  Bobby acted as musical director and guitarist for the project.  Currently Bobby is working with CILA Management and producer Tim Carbone (Railroad Earth) on new music to be released when it's nice and ready!